7 Chicken Rice Shop/Stall to Try in Setia Alam


List of Chicken Rice Shop in Setia Alam

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Here are the Full List of Chicken Rice Shop/ Stall in Setia Alam. 

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And let’s GO!!

Most of the shops we introduce in this blog are NON HALAL shops.

Restaurant Setia Taipan Mee Hoon Kuih Tuan Yuan 团圆面粉粿

One of the best Chicken Rice Shop in Setia Alam!

It’s a must-try place for chicken rice!

Char Siew is one of their signature dish.

Recommended Dish: Chicken Rice with Char Siew


Good Taste Char Siew also serve one of the best Char Siew in Setia Alam.

When you eat the Char Siew, you can feel the “Char” feeling in your mouth.

Recommended Dish:  Char Siew

家香 Kar Heong - Setia Alam

Kopitiam 95 九五至尊 白咖啡美食馆
Setia Alam (Outlet 1)

There are 2 Chicken Rice Stall at Kopitiam 95 outlet 1.


The chicken rice stall at the right-hand side tastes better,

they serve their roasted chicken rice with fried garlic on top. 

Other than that, their Char Siew – Siew Yok Rice also taste good also.


Other than that the second chicken rice stall which is at the front also taste good also.


Restoran SA Kopitiam

The Chicken Rice serve here also taste good too, their owners are friendly too.

Recommended Dish: Chicken Rice.

Setia Taipan Kopitiam 大班饮食中心

Their Rosted chicken taste very tender and it also taste good too.

Recommended Dish: Chicken Rice.

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