Korean Food to Try in Setia Alam


Full List of Korean Restaurant in Setia Alam

Here are the Full List of Korean Restaurants in Setia Alam. 

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And let’s GO!!

Bbq Ma Eul Cup Bab (Setia Alam)

Famous Korean BBQ restaurant in Selangor. There are a total of 4 franchises in Selangor, and it is fully reserved every weekend.

This Korean BBQ restaurant also provides unlimited side dishes for customers, you can eat as much as you can!

Recommended Dish: BBQ meat and Cheese Rice Cake with Ramen!.

Haechi BBQ (Setia Alam)

Korean restaurant that serves local authentic Korean Cuisine.

Their Korean BBQ taste good too.

Good Services and Atmosphere!

E-C-Ne Korean Restaurant

E-C-Ne Korean Bbq & Hot Pot

Their Korean BBQ taste was very good. And they will also help you to cook your meat in front of you!

Their owner is very friendly.


Authentic Korean Traditional Food. Korean Owner will serve local Korean food here.

Hong Dae Ip Gu Korean Bbq

Bulgogi House Setia Alam

Korean BBQ and Hotpot buffet. Have to try, it really worth it!


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