2022 Must Try Food Around Setia Alam


The 6 must try food around Setia Alam.

2022 is ending soon, you might wonder, are there any changes on the “Must Try Restaurant/Food” around Setia Alam?

The answer is YES!

This time this Blog will recommend 6 “Must Try Food/Restaurants” around Setia Alam for you.

Man Xiang Seafood Restaurant 满香海鲜饭店

One of the best Chinese Seafood restaurants in Setia Alam. Man Xiang started their business from a stall at Jin Ho Jiak Kopitiam, at that time there were full of people having dinner there because it was affordable and tasty. After several years, they moved to a nearby shop, and their business still remains good.

Recommend DishHomemade TofuSignature Dry Curry Pork MeatPork RibsShimp Paste Chicken Wings.

Restaurant Setia Taipan Mee Hoon Kuih Tuan Yuan 团圆面粉粿

One of the best Chicken Rice Shop In Setia Alam. Do you know the famous restaurant in Klang named Da Tuan Yuan Restaurant? Both restaurants are related! 

Their Char Siew and Roasted Chicken taste really good! 

Other than that they also sell Mee Hoon Kuih at Night, I heard that it also tastes good.

Recommend DishChar Siew,  Roasted Chicken.

新聚满 Restoran San Chui Moon

The other Best Chicken Rice Shop in Setia Alam. It is located in Eco Ardence, although it is quite far from the main area of Setia Alam, but it is worth the time to drive there!

Actually, Restoran San Chui Moon is quite famous in Klang area before it move to Eco Ardence, their Char Siew, Roasted Chicken and Roasted Duck taste very good.

Recommend DishChar SiewRoasted ChickenRoasted Duck.


瓜雪漁米之家飯店 Village Fish & Rice Restaurant

This Chinese Seafood Restaurant is quite famous around Setia Alam. They mainly serve kinds of seafood but other dishes taste good too.

They also sell unique seafood like Baby Squid here!

Recommend DishClaypot Curry FishFragmented Tofu PorkMarmite Baby SquidDeep Fried Fish with Lotus Leaf.


The best Sze Chuan Restaurant in Setia Alam. There are around 3 to 4 China Restaurants around Setia Alam, but this Sze Chuan Restaurant is the best !

I love their Sichuan Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce (which is also called Sliver Chicken in Mandarin), it is quite appetizing, and you can also feel the freshness of the chicken!

Their Sichuan boiled Sliced Fish in Sour Soup also tastes good. But the price is a bit expensive.

Recommend Dish: Sliver Chicken, Boiled Fish in Sour Soup, Dry-fried French Beans with Minced pork.

Manual Artisanal Coffee

I have visited a lot of Cafes these days, I am not a coffee guy, so I am more interested in their food. But I found not many cafes put effort into their food!

Manual Artisanal Coffee is one of the cafes I like the most because their food is really good.

You can taste some Asian Cuisine and Western cuisine here. Their Tom Yum Goong Pasta is one of the food I like the most here, you have to try it!

Recommend Dish: Tom Yum Goong Pasta, Classic Chicken Chop, Pan Seared Salmon Toast.


Any recommendations you wanna tell us? Comment below, we gonna go try it 😆


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