Top 9 Restaurants in Setia Alam – [Must try food in Setia Alam]


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When everyone first heard of Setia Alam, what comes into their minds must be the longest Pasar Malam in Malaysia — Pasar Malam Setia Alam. 

But for a person that lived in Setia Alam for over 10 years, I am going to list down the top 9 restaurants in Setia alam and what are their best dish.

Pan & Wine

Pan & Wine is one of the restaurants that serve the best western food in Setia Alam

They not only serve dishes like Fish & Chips, Spaghetti or Grilled Chicken Chop, they also serve dishes we hardly see, for example, like Duck Leg Confit and Risotto. 

Recommend Dish: Pan Roasted Pork Chop,  Breaded Fish & Chips, and Cajun Wings.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is satisfy and clean.

Taste                   : 4.1 

Atmosphere       : 4.2

Service                : 4.5

Address6-1-1 JALAN SETIA PRIMA(L) U13/L, SETIA ALAM,SEKSYEN U13 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Restoran Yong Tau Foo Zen Zen

Zen Zen Yong Tao Foo actually is a famous restaurant in Kepong area and they had opened up a branch in Setia Alam area.

The most famous dish in this restaurant is Yong Tau Foo, and they serve over 10 types of different Yong Tau Foo.

Moreover, other than Yong Tau Foo, they also serve different hot dish in their restaurant, and it also taste good.

Recommend Dish: Stir Fried Ginger Chicken, Asam Stingray and Stir Fry Choy Sam.

Taste                  : 4.3 

Atmosphere          : 3.9

Service                : 4.0

AddressNo. 15-1, Setia Avenue, Jalan Setia Prima, SU 13/S Setia Alam, Setia Alam, 40170, Selangor

Bbq Ma Eul cup bab (Setia Alam)

Bbq Ma Eul Cup Bab is a Korean barbeque restaurant. Bbq Ma Eul Cup Bab is very famous in Uptown, Damansara. The branch in Setia Alam also attracts a lot of people to visit too.

This restaurant serves the best Korean food in Setia Alam area, I love its food, its environment and the friendly Korean owner that serve you.

Recommend Dish: Korean Barbeque and Cheese Teopokki with ramen.

Taste                  : 4.1

Atmosphere          : 4.2

Service                : 4.0

Address: 13, Jalan Setia Prima S U13/S, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Good Taste Char Siew

Good Taste Char Siew serve the best char siew in town! Their Char Siew are very tasty, you can feel the taste of the Charcoal when you are eating Char Siew.

Other than Char Siew, they also serve other dishes like Roasted Chicken, Siew Yok, Yong Tau Foo and many more.

Recommend Dish: Char Siew, Roasted Chicken and Tau Pok.

Taste                   : 4.3

Atmosphere          : 3.8

Service                : 4.0

(Try to use waze to search for Good Taste Char Siew)

Ah Or Chu Yok Fan

Do you know the famous Pork noodle soup in Subang SS15? Yes, this restaurant is opened by its relative, so the taste of the Pork Noodle  Soup is pretty similar but the shop in Setia Alam is sweeter.

Although it is not the shop at SS15, but we will have to queue for 30 minutes to taste every weekend. 

Recommend Dish: Pork Noodle Soup.

Taste                   : 4.0

Atmosphere          : 4.0

Service                : 3.5

Address: 10, Jalan Setia Prima L U13/L, Setia Alam,  40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

YoYo Ping

YoYo Ping are one of the best local friend Chicken in Selangor. Their main shop is at Pandamaran.

YoYo Ping in Setia Alam serve nice and hot fried chicken, and the taste of the friend chicken also taste as well as in the Pandamaran Shop.

Recommend Dish: Fried Chicken.

Taste                   : 4.3

Atmosphere          : 3.5

Service                : 3.8

Address: No. 12-1-2,  Jalan Setia Prima F U13/F, Setia Alam, 40170, Selangor.

Restoran MMJ Steamboat

MMJ Steamboat is one of the best steamboat restaurants in Setia Alam. Their soup base are different from other steamboat restaurants, they serve Pig Stomach with White Pepper Soup as their soup base.

Other than that, what makes them greater than other steamboats/ Hot Pot restaurants, is they also serve housemade meatballs. Don’t know since when, we can only find handmade meatball from all those fancy or expensive steamboat/ Hot Pot restaurants, but now you can try homemade meatballs or shrimp balls in Setia Alam at a low price now.

Recommend Dish: Handmade meatballs, Fried Chicken wings.

Taste                   : 4.3

Atmosphere          : 4.0

Service                : 4.0

Address: 7, Jalan Setia Utama U13/37D, Alam Nusantara, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Jia Xiang Fortune Chicken

Jia Xiang Fortune Chicken is a restaurant that serves Chinese Traditional Dish. 

The Chef and the owner of Jia Xiang Fortune Chicken restaurant come from the famous beggar’s chicken restaurant from Ijok. The restaurant in Ijok only operates on weekends and it normally has to make a reservation. 

But now, we can go to Jia Xiang Fortune Chicken restaurant to have a taste of their fortune chicken, and we don’t have to drive all way long to Ijok to taste their beggars chicken.

Recommend Dish: Fortune Chicken, ‘One Slap’ chicken, Nanru Fried Pork Belly.


Taste                   : 4.0

Atmosphere          : 4.0

Service                : 4.0

Address18G, Jalan Setia Utama U13/AU, Setia, Taipan 2, Seksyen U13, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor


That’s the end of my sharing today.

These are the top 9 must-try dishes in Setia Alam. Restaurants are ranked in no particular order!

Ps: The above description is based on personal experience!

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